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4 Tips For Attracting What You Want Faster

Sometimes it's easier to know the law of attraction than it is to use it on a regular basis and get the results that you want. Wouldn't it be nice if you were able to attract what you want faster? Well, you can with some basic understanding and application. There are a few things that you need to understand in order to attract the things you want faster, and understanding these principles will allow you to attract things much faster.

The first thing that you should get a handle on is the fact that time is a man made thing. Time in the sense of the universe does not exist. Things constantly change and flow from one state of energy to the next, but that is it. The sense of time we have as humans is not real. There are no such things as seconds, minutes, hours, or days. All there is in the universe is the constant ebb and flow of energy from one state to the next. So what we are really trying to do with the law of attraction is change on form of energy into another, or relocate one form of energy to another location. The first thing for you to get your mind around then is the fact that the million dollars you are trying to attract is not ten years down the road or five years or any years. It is always right here right now. That million dollars already exists some where. The problem is that the some where it exists is not in your sphere of control.

The second thing to understand about the law of attraction and the universe is that all of your desires are already fulfilled. This is a bit to take in and understand, but bear with me. Everything you want is already a reality, some place, for someone, some where in the world. It may not be a part of your reality right now, but it is out there already. The problem is that you have not put yourself into alignment with what it is you want. Every single moment of your life is full of a huge number of possibilities. The reason you do not have what you want right now is because you have not used your thoughts to put you into alignment with those things you desire. Up until now, every single moment of your reality, all of them, have been created by your thoughts and your choices. You have put yourself into perfect alignment for the life you have right now. The key is to learn to put yourself into alignment with the reality of what you want. It already exists some where out there. Now learn to bring the two together. Just as bringing the north ends of two magnets together will cause them to repel one another, just as two south ends will. Put a north and a south end together and they attract. You are the same, and your thoughts are your magnet. Know that your desires are already fulfilled. You simply need to change your frequency to put yourself into alignment with what the reality that you want in your life.

The third thing to understand when using the law of attraction to attract what you want faster is to not become attached to how you get it. You must be willing to let go of your need to control how you get what you want. This limits the universe to delivering what you want the way you want it. It's possible that the universe can't deliver what you want that way or that the universe will take longer to deliver what you want to you. You must be willing to open up to what you want and allow the universe to deliver to you what you want the best way it knows how, and trust me, it always knows the best way, if you let it. Imagine for a moment all the possible ways to get from where you are now to the other side of the country. Now imagine all those possibilities multiplied by about a million. Those are all the ways that the universe can deliver what it is you want. Be willing to let go of a need to control things or expect what you want a certain way. This only slows down the process and limits your options. As humans we tend to become attached to a certain idea or concept and forget to open up to other options. Just focus on what you want, keep your emotions and focus there, and let the universe do the rest. Have faith in the universes ability to deliver, and it will.

The fourth tip to attracting what you want faster is to give, give, give. Give what it is you are trying to attract. I know this sounds confusing and it's a little difficult for people to understand how in the world giving what you want will attract more of what you want, but it works. The reason it works is actually fairly simple. You are putting yourself into a positive alignment with what it is you want. The more we cling to what it is we want, the more we push it away. Let's say that you want more money. By pinching pennies and trying to hold on to your money, you actually work from a mindset of lack, of not having enough. This is a negative emotional state and state of thinking. However, if you learn to give your money away, it begins to put you into a state of mind of abundance and that state of mind begins to attract more money to you. You don't have to give away all you have, it would be silly to take from your own mouth to attract more, however, a dollar here and a dollar there will do just fine. You must be willing to give in order to receive. Always come from a mindset of abundance and avoid a mindset of lack. This tiny shift will begin to create incredible results instantly.

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Hot Woman 4

Hot Woman

Who Do You Love?
By Mary Foley

February, the month of love! The time when our culture sends messages of diamond jewelry, roses, chocolates and Victoria's Secret. Oh, to have all these things - well, to have one of these things - heck to even have a date, and we should be happy, right? That means we are loved. But many a Valentine's Day has come and gone with no jewelry, no roses, and no chocolate, and I personally like to shop at Victoria's Secret during a sale. Still, I believe our desire to be loved is

THE thing we're all really after. Not just in February, either, but all year long.
Feeling loved takes different forms like acceptance, approval, and success. We want desperately to feel good about ourselves and for the world, especially a specific someone, to tell us we're loved. I know I've felt that way. I've also unknowingly absorbed the messages of our advertising culture that basically tell us to buy this, wear that and you'll get the love you want. It's all out there. Very few messages say look within, it's all in here.

But that's the truth: it is all inside. Like many, I have family, friends and a special someone who loves me. I've also had times of strained relationships where it was tough to give or receive much love. No matter my circumstances, I've learned that no one can give me love without me giving it to myself first. And no one can do that for me but me.

Being responsible for fulfilling our own need to know we're loved means not looking to other people in our lives to do the job. When they fail (which always happens in some way), hurt and blame often follow. At the same time, when we accept responsibility for loving ourselves we sometimes feel selfish. Filling up our tank means we need to spend time focusing on ourselves. The good girl inside says always give to others first before taking care of yourself. Well, again, the good girl isn't quite right. Instead, take some wisdom from the airplane safety message: "In case of loss of cabin air pressure, put your mask on first before helping others." Love yourself first and then you're best equipped to love and help others.

Take this designated month of love and like the song lyrics ask yourself "Who you do love?" Are you the first person who comes to mind? Perhaps it's time to make some internal adjustment. By loving yourself you give yourself and others the biggest gift possible. Now, that's bodacious.
About The AuthorMary Foley During a successful, demanding, rising through the ranks 10 year career with America Online Mary learned that the only way to thrive in today's world is to be bold, positive, and courageous - bodacious! Today Mary inspires women everywhere to be bodacious in their lives, careers and businesses. You can be inspired, too! Get a free copy of

Mary's e-book "Becoming a Bodacious Woman: The Essentials Every Woman Must Know" at! © 2006 Mary Foley, Bodacious Ventures, LLC.

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Hot Woman 3

Hot Woman
You know you're a master of relationships once
you've honed the art of talking with women. If you aren't,
consider reading this book.

The Profound Kind of Dating
By Khieng Chho

No, you are not about to read an article about that interesting activity when you try to hook up on people or try to know a person better by spending quality time with her or him.

There is another meaning to the word dating and that is what you are about to read here.

Dating is the determination of age of a thing or an object, of a natural occurrence, event or phenomenon or of a series of happenings or events.

There are relative and absolute kinds of dating. In relative dating, the order of sequence of happenings or events is identified or determined. Through this, the investigator can determine whether the object being investigated or probed is older or younger. Or if an event occurred before or after another significant event.

Absolute dating is also referred to as Chronometric dating. Through this, the investigator or prober determines the age of a thing under probe.

Kinds of relative dating

Stratigraphic dating interprets the significance of archaeological or geological strata or layers. The technique began with careful description or drawing of the strata or the archaeological or geological profile.

The data or profile taken from one location is compared against profiles or data from the surroundings. This type of dating is assuming that lower layers in profiles are older or more ancient than upper layers.

Through this techniques, igneous rocks’ ages found in craters of volcanoes and rocks from various areas and continents are determined.

Seriation is another relative dating technique when the description of stylistic changes or modifications in artifacts and changes in the distinct layers or styles in order and sequence are determined. Thus, the series or sequential order or events are determined using this technique.

Modern use of dating

The dating subject you are reading might not be as interesting and exciting as dating you probably must always be involved in.

But you must agree that this kind of dating is very important in science. In science, dating is important because ages and setting of occurrences must be determined to determine other things that are happening and will still happen.

You must probably heard that victims of fire, or individuals burned to death during fire incidences undergo dating. Through the process, even if the person can not be identified, dating is conducted to determine the age of the person.

Teeth are parts of our body that can trace or determine or pin point our age. That is because certain elements or minerals found in teeth changes periodically over time.

Through that, age of the person owning the teeth is determined, That is why archaeologists can determine the age of the mummies or other body remains by examining the teeth of the courses.

Teeth of dinosaurs were also instrumental in determining the real age of the dinosaurs.

Wrapping up

Dating is a very meticulous and exact science. That is why people involved in this very tedious investigative science are trained very hard.

The science of dating is not gaining much popularity nowadays, but is considered as one of science’s areas where much potential lies.

They say to be able to look further to tomorrow and today, one must be able first to look into yesterday. Humanity will rely on dating to be able to understand today and tomorrow’s natural and phenomenal occurrences.

Khieng 'Ken' Chho is author and owner of Online Dating Resources. For related articles and other resources, visit Ken's website:

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Hot Woman 2

Hot Woman
Want to win a Hot Woman ?
Let's continue our little discussion on winning a hot woman to your side.

Tip 2
Attract More Love & Romance By Altering Your Perceptual Position!By
Adam Eason

If you want to learn more about how to attract the attention of others and to attract more love into your life, it can help to alter and vary the position of your perception of your self and others.
How do you view your self? I want to run an idea past you about how you perceive the world around you and your self. Your perception of any experience depends on the position from which you perceive it. I am going to mention three positions here that are useful to you with developing attraction and enhancing the love in your life.

They are known quite simply as the first, second and third positions.

- In the first position you are in your own body, looking out through your own eyes, seeing things from your own point of view.
- Being in the second position means stepping into someone else’s shoes, imagining what it is like to be them, looking at the world through their eyes.
- The third position is taking the stance of a third person that is viewing events in which you are involved, a bit like being a fly on the wall (how many times have I wanted to do that?).

You see, taking different perceptual positions enables you to step out of what you are currently experiencing and experience your self in a fresh, new light. It can spice up your perception of your self and make it easier to understand what others perceive in you and how to make you easier to lavish lots of love upon. It allows you to see yourself from a different perspective and gather different kinds of information about your self.

You can also keep a keen eye on how your own behaviour might be affecting other people, and then of course how they might feel about you. Taking different positions enables you to access information that your unconscious mind already has that you may have been overlooking. You can be aware of things that you may not have had a conscious awareness of previously.
So, how about in addition to having your ongoing experience of life solely seeing from inside your own eyes in the first position; you wonder what it is like to be someone else in the same situation, from the second position? Look at your self and see what it is that you can love about your self and you will no doubt find it much easier to ensure you get lots of love without waiting for Valentines day to come around.

Imagine how other people might see you; this is especially useful if that person was someone you know to have a good level of self-esteem and love in their life too.

Thirdly then, see yourself and others as if from an outside perspective, looking at the larger picture as in the third position. Then you can think of using this idea of taking different perceptual positions when you encounter any kind of conflict or when planning a project or evaluating a situation or if you ever feel stuck on something or you are ever in need of a bit more love and want to find more things to enjoy about your self and your life.

Loving your self is like growing and developing self-esteem and confidence in your self and helps with so many things that you and your personal development will benefit from.
When you truly appreciate how others perceive you and update your behaviours accordingly, you can discover how easy it is for others love you more. Enjoy experiencing life from a new perceptual position.

Adam is a best selling author, consultant and speaker please visit his website for a vast range of personal development resources and to receive your free, instantly downloadable hypnosis session and amazing ebook:

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Hot Woman

Hot woman
More info on winning a Hot Woman

The hot woman is an man's eternal dream. "Hot", of course is relative. But whatever your definition for "hot" is you will discover how to easily win a hot woman.

Let's kick of with some tips:

Tip 1

Meeting Women Takes Awareness and Preparation"-- by Mike Pilinski

Want to know a pivotal secret of the mating & dating game? It'sthat women plan, practice and prepare for this contest from avery young age, and (surprise!) are flat-out *contemptuous* ofthose men who refuse to play their expected role.

Sad but true. Women put countless hours into prepping for thecompetition between the sexes... hair, makeup, style and look,clothing, etc. etc. They burn half their disposable income on justabout anything they can dream up that makes them moreattractive to men. Guys, on the other hand, typically put minimaleffort into making themselves attractive to women... other thantrying to stay within shouting distance of the latest clothing trend,I suppose. For the most part, they choose to spend their timeinvolved in sports or hobbies. That's because most of us figureattractiveness in men has to do mostly with good looks andmoney -- beyond that the workings of the female mind are totallyunfathomable. So why even waste time pondering it?

Except that this lack of knowledge eventually returns to bite ussquare in the ass!

How? When we attempt to PICK UP WOMEN -- *that's* whenour utter cluelessness becomes horribly apparent! Womenhave been studying boys since they were teenagers. Whilewe're out playing video games and practicing our foul shooting --they're getting together and debating flirting strategies with theirgirlfriends, figuring out how to communicate to all the cute boysusing body language, etc. etc. In other words, they're actuallyputting some *effort* into the process! They're learning how toplay the game of seduction from their own unique femaleperspective, and they are becoming BETTER at it every day.

Not only does our lack of knowledge put us at a distinctdisadvantage, it acts as a complete TURN-OFF to a lot ofwomen. This is especially true of women who've REALLYpolished their skills to a high level. They hate guys who try tofake their way through the meeting and seduction process. Andthey can smell a phoney from far across a crowded room, trustme.

Can you see now why you might be having so much troubledetermining what women want from guys? You can't be good atsomething that you've put so little effort into becoming practicedat! There's no shame in lacking any of these skills either. TheArt of Seduction does NOT come naturally to anyone -- we allmust strive to observe women and try to really understand howthey're reacting to our presentation of ourselves as men. Andthen comes the hard part... we have to LEARN FROM THEFEEDBACK (mistakes!) and make the appropriate changes inour behaviors to get the results we're after.

This is where a lot of guys goof up. Learn ? Change? Blaaah!Because we're all fundamentally lazy by nature, we just want tosettle as quickly as possible on some kind of "move" that worksfor us (at least once in a while) and then just WORK IT TODEATH. I guess this beats practicing and modifying ourbehaviors based upon what we see, feel and -- well... all thatother friggin' WORK!

Well, this approach might pan out okay guys who have greatnatural attractors working for them... a handsome face, greatathletic body, the offbeat "artist's" personality or whatever -- butthere's a lot of shy, ordinary men who lack the natural ability tomeet women simply because they failed to develop any 'game'. For *them*, the best route to success lies in learning how to takeon women in their own home court. And where's that?...

In the deepest recesses of the female subconscious.

More info on winning a Hot Woman

Hot Woman